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I’ve been awarded by Teri!

I am just now getting around to posting a really cute blog award I was given by The most talented and wonderful Teri. And she awarded me again today. with another cute award!  WOW!!!

Teri, you are as incredibly sweet as you are talented. Thank you so much for the awards. I have told you this before . . .  And it’s worth repeating. You . . .  inspire me! I am always in awe of your talent and the magic you make with those promarkers.And I love visiting your blog.

For those of you I’m passing the awards on to. It’s because I think you are all are super sweet, awesome and very talented ladies. Not to mention I love each and everyone of your blogs!

If you get the chance stop by Teri’s blog . You won’t be disappointed!

 Inspiring award- TeriHeart Award from Teri                                                                I’m passing these awards on to

    Alicia         Janice     Heidi     Nina      Catherine 

    Heather    Jessie     Jessy   Suzanne  Gaye and

     Karen    Actually while I’m at it why not share

them with everyone on my blog list. After all . . ..   You all sure do inspire me. And you all are super sweet. Otherwise you would’nt  be on my favorite blog list : )

I have a great bunch of blogging friends. and feel quite blessed to have you all!

Thanks again Teri for sharing your awards with me!

Have a super wonderful day!




One Response

  1. Oh Lisa! Thank you so much!! You are so sweet! And thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog the other day! I am finding it so hard to make time to get on here, and then when I do, Im playing catch up for forever! 😉

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