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6×6 Iron Chef/ March



This month it was my turn to pick the secret ingredient for the Iron Chef swap. I chose ground beef. And I chose to make the salad knowing I could do a taco salad. As I don’t have very many ground beef recipes. That’s why I chose ground beef. So I can get some good recipes from the girls. Anyway. Usually our hostess Jessica sends us a sketch by way of email that we can follow and she will challenge us to use certain items. Well , This time she sent us items in the mail to use. I thought that was so sweet! However. She sure did challenge me . She sent a pack of the clear studio G stamps mine had a shamrock , beer mug and two sentiments. She also sent some fiber. real pretty shimmery green ribbon type fiber. EEK! How on earth though do you make a Taco salad fit into an Irish/ St Patrick’s day theme? Well I could never really figure it out. So I just gave the recipe an Irish title and called it a day. I used the shamrock stamp that say’s Go Green. And I used the fiber on a couple of the recipe cards. I found this recipe challenge very difficult. And my results are not too great. Maybe next month I’ll have better luck.


8 Responses

  1. what yummy recipe cards! i love the large black shamrock backgrounds on some of those cards. its very eye catching

  2. I’m so surprised you are less than pleased with this swap!! Lisa, I really think you did a great job!! I am a recipe swap addict! LOL so I should know. You aced this one Miss SC! : )

    (((Hugs))) Patti

  3. I think you have done a fab job on these…..even though I have seen a few of these you have done, it is still something I have not though of doing…….might do a set of my mum’s favourite recipes like this for her birthday in September……or maybe for Christmas xxxx

  4. Lisa, I love these.
    What in the world are you blathering about.
    I think you might want to get glasses.
    These are wonderfuL!!
    And I love how each one is a little different from the rest.
    Another awesome job!

  5. these are fantastic Lisa!! You constantly amaze me!!

  6. Lol!!! Lisa! You have noooo idea …. how good these look! Honestly they are really great šŸ™‚ And …. what a fab idea. I haven’t heard about swaps like this before … maybe they aren’t so popular over here – who knows? But the cards look wonderful xx

    Teri xx

  7. Never heard of this before either, they are fab

    Chris x

  8. I think you did a great job!! I had trouble with this one too. I was wondering what salad recipe has ground beef in it, I never thought about taco salad. DUH! Love how yours turned out.

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